26 January 2011

Though Bess was pregnant, it should be noted that Benmont was the swollen one. The bank account was empty and from the outside the band's prospects appeared to be dim, but the songs were plentiful. Ringing things in open tunings. Dollar later called 'em "an endless stream of beaten-up haikoos in worn denim."  

"If you got the songs, everything else will take care of itself."

"We felt like we had to get back to Arkansas and birth this mother." 

Those guys spent more time going back and forth to Arkansas than anybody I ever seen. 

"Pack your enlarged heart in a duffel bag. Wrap it, pack it in ice, wrap that, and then stick the whole thing in a duffel bag."

Own it and make it shine.

"The moving pictures would come later, the latter day histories. Things hard to believe."